Adoption Guidance

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We assist rescuers in Bosnia Herzegovina with the adoption process, however, agreements and arrangements for adoption and transport are made between the adopter and the rescuer.

If you decide to adopt a dog or cat from BiH, the costs related to transport of the animal to south east England or Europe are high. A general breakdown of costs to Europe and the UK is as follows:

Sarajevo – Hungarian border, 150 – 350 Euros (depending on how many animals are going)
Hungarian border to South East England 230 GBP  for dogs, less for cats (animals can be dropped off along the way in Germany etc)

Preparation of all required documents, passports, vaccinations etc: about 130 Euros.

As the process of booking a dog or cat on a transport and preparation can take up to a month, there is also the cost of that month pension to consider, usually 120 Euros.

Transport to the USA and other countries
Unless it’s possible to book the dog as ‘accompanied’ with someone already flying from Sarajevo, the costs and arrangements are complex and expensive. Dogs flying as unaccompanied cargo usually go from Germany. The cost per dog from Munich to Newark, for example is upward of 500 euros, and the trip to Munich can be 500 euros. But sometimes it’s possible to do it for less. If you know of someone flying from Sarajevo to your country on an airline that takes dogs, it can be very reasonable, about 150 – 300 euros per dog, plus the cost of document preparation as above.


We have advised rescuers never to adopt a dog or cat without a homecheck.  This can be arranged fairly easily – volunteer homecheckers would contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time to visit your home. We encourage you to make sure all members of the household are available during this visit.

Post Adoption

The following are guidelines we strongly advise in all adoptions:

– The adopter declares themselves primary carer of the dog or cat and accepts responsibility regarding the adoption and ongoing costs incurred for annual vaccinations, insurance and veterinary care. We  recommend that your animal is fully insured or that you ensure you have sufficient funds to provide veterinary care for the animal.

–  Dogs should only be re homed as family pets, never to be used in guarding or breeding.

–  Dogs should not to be left at home for more than 5 hours a day, if possible.

– Rescuers endeavour to neuter/spay as many animals within their care as possible, however due to financial constraints this is not always possible. As the new owner, you should have your new pet neutered or spayed within 3 months of adoption.

– The rescuers we work with take the ongoing well-being of their adopted animals very seriously. New owners must therefore agree for nominated volunteers to maintain contact for the rest of the dog or cats life. A follow-up visit might be arranged, at which time photographs will be taken of your adopted animal. In any case of identified abuse or neglect, or concerns regarding the animals safety, the rescuer has the right to terminate the adoption and take possession of the animal.

Rescuers will require regular updates at 6 monthly intervals for the first 2 years and annually thereafter. These emails or Facebook messages should include a brief update on your adopted pet as well as photographs and/or video.  We  encourage all adopters to submit photographs, video and reports direct on the relevant Facebook pages. AWABosnia also have a private Facebook group for all adopters to share their experiences, give suggestions and so on.

– The adopter must provide responsible care for the animal and provide adequate food, water and shelter. The chaining of a dog is not acceptable, nor is physical or psychological abuse.  The dog should never roam unaccompanied. It is the adopters responsibility to ensure that the property where the animal is homed is secure and adequately fenced.

– If under any circumstances the adopter is no longer able to keep or maintain the animal, the rescuer must be contacted immediately. It is not permissable for adopters to rehome the animal without the consent of the rescuer. The rescuer will make every effort to locate a suitable foster home, however if this is not possible, it should be the responsibility of the adopter to pay for the animal to stay in a reputable boarding kennel/cattery until such times as a foster home becomes available.

– The adopter is should never euthanise the animal without consulting the rescuer, unless in the event of an accident or on the advice of a veterinarian.

– It is the adopters responsibility to advise the dog or cat’s rescuer if there is any change in circumstances related to the care of the adopted animal. The adopter must inform the rescuer immediately of any change of address, telephone number, email address or other contact details to that which as provided in the original adoption agreement.

What Next?

1. Contact the rescuer for a pre-adoption form, or contact us at and we will arrange for this to be sent to you.

2. On receipt of the above, you will be contacted  to discuss adoption and arrange the homecheck.