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Help us help Bosnia's Dogs & Cats - Please share this with your friends.

Bosnia-Herzegovina is a very harsh place for animals. Due to the lack of effective government spay/neutering programmes, human disregard for animals, poverty, and the lack of provision of adequate shelters, thousands of hungry animals are condemned to a short life of wandering the streets of its towns and cities before succumbing to disease or accidental or violent death.

Many of the animal rescuers we work with are victims themselves of threats (and sometimes violence) from citizens and organised gangs for the voluntary work they do. It’s also a constant financial struggle for them to care for even the smallest number of dogs and cats. Very little funds are able to be raised in the country, and most of the fundraising is done via Facebook. If you want to help do join our Facebook group and from there you’ll be able to start finding more about the rescuers.

There are a number of  ways that you can help (and some without costing you a penny!).

Networking and sharing posts!
Please join our Facebook group and start networking with our other supporters and connect with rescuers who you feel inspired by and share their posts. Simply by sharing their or our Facebook page posts, or creating your own posts and messages on what we do, you can spread the word to all your friends and help the animals of Bosnia.

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Saving the life of one animal may not change the world, but the world will surely change for that one animal!

Thank you!